​How we would work together.

  • ​​​You would like to find the root of your concern and are ready to put in the time to gain this clarity.

  • You have a spiritual practice that is integrated into your life and you wish for it to be a part of this experience.

  • You are ready to move forward from where you are.


  • You want someone who knows how to work with those who have experienced challenges including depression, trauma, grief or loss.

​Why we would work well together.

TRUST             ~            SHARE          ~          LISTEN

Developing trust is essential to the success of our relationship.  My style is to be actively engaged with you. I enjoy listening, questioning and conversation. I meet you where you are, not only when we start, but also each time we talk. 

When we work together in a counseling relationship I primarily use a psychotherapeutic approach. We will also incorporate different approaches based on your needs and interests. For example, we may incorporate biofeedback techniques or prayer.

Working Together


Counseling and Coaching with Spirit