Counseling and Coaching with Spirit

How I got to this place...



~ obtained my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology

~ decided to apply my knowledge inside of corporations

~ spent over 20 years working at all levels helping managers manage better, leaders lead better, creating systems inside of organizations that supported them in achieving their goals, working with executives to help them achieve that vision.

~ reached a level of external success I always wanted and found myself working where we no longer had shared values

~ struggled to make it continue to fit because that was more comfortable than having the courage to leave

~left my job and jumped into the scary space of the unknown

~ became quite ill and went through my own "dark night of the soul". 

~ I faced the possibility of death and found peace in the fact that I had taken a giant step into faith

~ emerged with a new commitment to living a life more in alignment with God's purpose 

~ wrote a fiction book

~ wrote some poetry (see the side note:)

~ decided to do what I always wanted to do ......spend time with people like you!

         Step by Step

We look behind


see the footsteps

on our mountaintop

and in our valleys.

We remember when

it was too

dark to see,

and when

light emanated

from our being.

We stand where the

roads of choice and


have taken us.

We stand with each


cloaked in our


We look forward

into the unknown,

despite our illusions

of certainty

of the known.

Will we stand still..

Look back...

Or listen to the


of the universe


take the next step?

Denise Wolf